Wednesday, October 3, 2007


No, not happy with just building my own house.

I have taken on the job of my parents new build. Probably crazy but something to help fill in the day now I haven't got my own house to build.

Dig out the hill!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

I know I promised these last excuses here they are.

As you can see I have allready filled my pantry up. Everything is well spread out though and I could do with some helpful storage devices.

The toy room has beed a great addition
My outdoor area still needs quite a bit of attention. And I haven't decided on timber or concrete.

Sophia's and lachlan's rooms

My dining area...I want a new table one day

The kitchen looks great with the small splashes of red introduced.

Monday, August 27, 2007

No Photos

No photos yet. I will try try to take them on the weekend and update.

Sorry for those that click and think "she's got her new house and now won't update the blog".

Well here I am. I have been in 3 weeks now, boy it goes fast when your there and slow when your waiting.

We finally got our driveway poured on the weekend. It's pretty steep, don't know how I'll go reversing up in the mornings! I need to wait until the weekend before I can drive into the garage, so still parking out the front.

I venture out to the dust pile I call a backyard on the weekend and picked up a lot of half bricks and rubbish left behind by the builders. Alot of these brick pieces have obviously beed driven over as the are half buried in the ground. Very difficult to get out.

I was looking at the selkirk retaining walls for the 3 walls needed but not too sure on the expense as our house slopes down at the back so you will not see one of the retaining walls unless you are at the bottom of the garden, the other two are out the front. Can I use 2 different materials or would that look odd?

My floorboards are dusty as, everyday i bring out the trusted Enjo and give a sweep and half an hour later you can see the dust creeping back. Maye I should have gone something lighter. Do tiles show as much?

I love the look of the Plantation shutters in the bedroom and they don't let too much light in. I would say more than a blind but less than vanetians (not sure on spelling). They are one of my favourite things.

My other things I'm loving are the childrens retreat. Love the messy toys being away from the living area. I love my couch. I think I've allready said that 20 times allready. My dishwasher is a bit of a won't hold the square plates as they are too big and it doesn't dry very well. It leaves pools of water on the upside of glasses and anything with a dimple big enough to hold water. I read the book and it said it had a drying feature.

I love the double shower....and the fact it has a hand held thingy, i can take it off and rinse the kids shampoo out without all that fuss.

My pantry is filling up quickly - hard to believe. We wnt down to Can factory and stocked up on some things now we have somewhere to put them. I do like the kettle, toaster and now sandwich press being always ready to go and out of the veiw of visitors.

So my current task is to make the yard look decent and try and pay off these bills with connection costs. I mean really telstra $299 for what!!! I allready paid $160 to have the cable installed. I can't get adsl due to paired gaming system!!!

Anyway hope everones house is going great guns. Weather in VIC has been perfect for building. I will (hopefully:) put photos on Monday when back at work.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Mud Mud

I have moved into my dream house. It still feels like a holiday house or something.

I asked my DH did he order breakfast for the morning and he gave me a strange look.

I have not been able to take photos with my camera as it is in mum's car and I keep forgetting to get it, so I took a couple on my mobile. One of my lounge - I love my knew couch and the other of my bedroom. We got Plantation Cedar shutters put in just yesterday. My house smells like a sauna atm.

Driveway has still not been done yet - had a slip this morning straight into the mud. Lovely for the fist day back at work. Anyway good weather this week some praying I'm not forgotton.

Haven't had the housewarming yey - too muddy lol.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Not really sure what to do with the backyard yet.

One for Ricky if you find this site. Thanks.

My huge pantry - will be full by lunchtime tomorrow.

You can tell I was excited by the typo :) in the last post.

Roller Blinds to go on today, driveway this week, telstra tomorrow with Aerial. Waiting on Timber shutters for front, they should be here by next Friday. Wooohoo Here we go.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lat post b4 moving

Yes I have started packing and can count the hours till handover.....Monday 4pm.

I took a few photos on final inspection and can't wait for the weekend to be over...never thought I would say that.

I will have to post the photos at work on Monday as I forgot I loaded them onto that pc.